Category: Year 4

Say That Again

This is the T shirt

that tucks in the shorts.

This is the saddle

that holds the horse.

This is the sun

that brightens the beach.

This is the pillow

that comforts the couch.

This is the plate

that holds the roll.

This is the food

that feeds the doll.

This is the cup

that holds the tea.

This is the Milo

that fills me.

This is the finger

that fits the ring.

This is the song

that the children sing.


By Siena






Snakes are unique creatures.

They have no ears.

Some are big and some are small.

Some are venomous and some are not.

The most venomous snakes are the Inland Taipans. They are found in Australia.

The most well known snake is the Cobra. They are well know because they have hoods but lots of snakes have hoods.

By Levi


Beados These are my Beados.

How to make them:

  1. Find your pattern
  2. Put it in your bead tray
  3. Put the beads in the tray
  4. When you’re ready spray with water
  5. Wait 10 minutes but if you want to be sure do it for more
  6. When it is dry flip it over and if it isn’t dry leave it for another 10 minutes
  7. Finally display it

By Siena