Author: Rod@equed

Push and Pull of the City

Paintings by Rod Holdaway

Stella Downer Fine Art

7th May – 8th June 2019
‘On King Street’ 2019
Oil and Archival Collage on Cotton Duck
45.5 cm x 35.5 cm
‘Boy and Dancer’ 2019
106.5 cm x 84 cm
Oil and archival collage on polyester
‘Cathedral’ 2019
46 cm x 91.5 cm
Oil and archival collage on cotton duck
‘The Walls of the City’ 2019
41 cm x 71 cm
Oil and archival collage on linen
“New Tower’ 2019
30 cm x 30 cm
Oil and archival collage on
primed archival paper
‘New Car’ 2019
30 cm x 30 cm
Oil and archival collage
on primed archival paper
New Man
30 cm x 30 cm
Oil and archival collage
on primed archival paper
‘Both Sides of the Street’ 2019
30 cm x 39 cm
Oil and archival collage
on primed archival paper


12.15 pm and I’m tapping my legs

I’m craving activity

Energy, action, excitement

But I’m trapped here, having a lesson

Anything but this.

I thought of the ‘one eighties’ back in Brisbane.

Spinning 180, 270, 360 until you reach the top.

Just spinning­­­

You could go horizontal but that is slow.

You could go zig-zag,

where you are fast and efficient.

I reach the top, my fingers grip

over the dusty edge

Climbing up on to the roof

I feel invisible

no-one ever looks up

I feel unknown.

Michael Yr 12 2019


When we got to the dance Coco was so happy. We went in the door but then we saw a sign that said, “No Animals Allowed!”

Then we thought about what we could do.

We found a solution, and it was to put disguises on.

“Come on Coco. We have to act natural.”

After we stretched we went into the dance.

I hope no-one knows its Coco.

Coco was the best dancer!

Is this like a thing, cats are the best dancers?

Oh oh! Someone started coughing.

Then the teacher asked, “Are you ok? Are you allergic to anything!”

“YES! Cats!”

Then Coco ran out the door as fast as she could.

By Iris

Kids Believe in Karma

Celebrate good times come on!

Don’t try this at home people!

Run for your life!

We’re gonna crash!

Come on let’s get out of here!


I win! I win! I win! Oh! Oh!

I win!

I don’t know what I won.

Not complaining.

Every like in the family is an old man saved from death.


Karma isn’t it!

Kids believe in Karma.


By Lachlan

Images of Recent Work

Recent work by Rod Holdaway at Stella Downer Fine Art – June 12 – July 7, 2018
Coastal Development

Coastal Development 2017/18 – 56 cm x 91.5cm – Oil on linen


Passage – 2017/18 – 51 cm x 76 cm – Oil on Polyester

Thinking About Montmartre

Thinking About Montmartre – 51 cm x 51 cm – 2017/18 – Oil on Linen

Cyclist in Newtown

Cyclist in Newtown – 2017/18 – 45.5 cm x 35.5 cm – Oil on Cotton Duck

Women Outside a Gallery

Women Outside a Gallery – 29.5 cm x 42 cm – 2018 – Oil on primed paper

Layered Street Peripheral Vision

Layered Street – Peripheral Vision – 19 cm x 32.5 cm – 2017/18 –  iPad print and Indian Ink Pen on Velvet Paper

Street at Twilight

Street at Twilight – 23 cm x 32 cm –  2017 – iPad print on velvet paper